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Lift your way to Youthful Fitness - Jan Todd, Terry Todd

Champion powerlifters and experts on weight training explain how to use resistance training to slim down, gain weight, change body proportions, become stronger, build endurance, and even reverse the effects of aging.


How to Play Better Golf - Heather Thomas

Expert tuition from top PGA Club Professionals


A Century of Sports - Associated Press Sports Staff

This ambitious, comprehensive book, has captured more than 40 different sports, from mushrooming spectator giants as baseball and football, to obscure pastimes such as curling jiu-jitsu. It is liberally illustrated both in color and black-and-white.


The Rules of Golf - Tom Watson

Illustrated and explained by one of the leading golfers of the world.


Go for the Flag - Tom Weiskopf

The fundamentals of golf by one of the game's great players.


The Pilates Body - Brooke Siler

The ultimate at-home guide to strengthening, lengthening, and toning your body—without machines


I Call the Shots - Johny Miller

Straight talk about the game of golf today


Nobody's Perfect - Armando Galarraga

Two men, one call, and a game for nbaseball history


Heavyhands Walking - Leonard Schwartz

Walk your way to a lifetime of fitness


The Game of Table Tennis - Dick Miles

This book takes the beginning player through every step as though ten-time champion Dick Miles himself were present to advise on everything from how to hold a racket to how the rules can be made to work to a player's best advantage.


Learn to Play Go. Volume IV: Battle Strategies - Janice Kim & Jeong Soo-hyun

In this Volume IV of this award-winning series, two top masters reveal the essential principles and techniques of good fighting, many explained in Enlgish for the first time.


How to be a Champion from 9 to 90 - Earl W. Fee

The secrets of Earl Fee, a world master's champion, are revealed that helped him achieve over 30 world records in running.


Gerry´s Book Talk

My Meter Is Running


  Way back when I was a young man I suscribed to National Lampoon magazine. I would come out once a month and it was outrageous. It was a humor magazine...

Sir Thomas Phillipps, Vello-maniac


    This is an article that appeared in the weekly magazine named Abe Books. Abe Books started about 1960 and was put out of business by the computer in the year...



Today I want to talk about a book called "Moods of Future Joys" by Alastair Humphreys. My favorite part of working at La Perla Bookstore is going through the boxes...

My Uncle Ray


My uncle Ray told this story about 25 years ago: There was a bussiness man in New York City, he worked in an office with all kinds of stress, deadlines...

Gerry´s Booktalk


A few decades back when I was a 16 year old sudent in highschool, our civics teacher gave each one of us students a book. They were about 28 kids...

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