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Nature's God: The historical Illuminatus Chronicles Volume III - Robert Anton Wilson

The third and last part of the saga. While Sigismundo prepares to contest the most powerful of the Indian medicine men, Moon, Washington, and the troops are waging an equally desperate battle for survival. These are the events which will soon reshape the world.


Shadow of a Dark Queen - Raymond E. Feist

A dread darkness is descending upon a great land called Midkemia and two unlikely young heroes must take up arms in the struggle to protect their besieged world. This is the first book of the Serpentwar Saga Saga, a remarkable new epic adventure by the NYT. 


Shadow of a Dark Queen - Raymond E. Feist

First book of the Serpentwar Saga, where two heroes fight against monster enemies in search of conquest and annihilation.


Catmagic - Jonathan Barry, Whitley Strieber

A brilliant novel that stretches the boundaries of both dark fantasy and horror. — Set in the world of modern American witches, Catmagic is full of action, terror, and wonder, enormously entertaining and profoundly human.


The Seererss of Kell - David Eddings

Book five of The Malloreon


Gerry´s Book Talk

My Meter Is Running


  Way back when I was a young man I suscribed to National Lampoon magazine. I would come out once a month and it was outrageous. It was a humor magazine...

Sir Thomas Phillipps, Vello-maniac


    This is an article that appeared in the weekly magazine named Abe Books. Abe Books started about 1960 and was put out of business by the computer in the year...



Today I want to talk about a book called "Moods of Future Joys" by Alastair Humphreys. My favorite part of working at La Perla Bookstore is going through the boxes...

My Uncle Ray


My uncle Ray told this story about 25 years ago: There was a bussiness man in New York City, he worked in an office with all kinds of stress, deadlines...

Gerry´s Booktalk


A few decades back when I was a 16 year old sudent in highschool, our civics teacher gave each one of us students a book. They were about 28 kids...

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