Today I want to talk about a book called "Moods of Future Joys" by Alastair Humphreys. My favorite part of working at La Perla Bookstore is going through the boxes of books we receive. We work with one charity, people give books to this charity because they have nothing else to do with them. We have been working at this charity for over four years and my guess is they send us 60 boxes about every 6 weeks. I never know what is going to be in those boxes, my job is to evaluate the incoming books and decide what to do with the books. When we first started working with this charity I asked them to send everything. I told them send up the beat up old books along with all the other books. As a book seller condition is everything as a reader condition doesn't matter to me at all. If it is a book I want to read I do not care how beat up it is. For me one of the priorities in life is to have an interesting book to read.

When going through boxes I set aside books that look interesting then I take them home and try to find time to read them. I love a good mystery however over 90% of the mysteries I take home do not pass my test. I will read a page or two or 10 or maybe even one sentence and I decide to forget this book and move on to a different one. A few days ago I took home "Moods of Future Joys" this book is about a man riding his bicycle around the world. This is the first book of what it is supposed to be a series chronicling his journey on bicycle around the world. Reading a book like this I started half way through the book. I do this because if the second half of the book is good I will read the fist half later. With this book I read about 2 pages and decided it was a worthless piece of shit.

Then I went to see who the publisher was, guess what? It was a self published book. That is known as the vanity press. People want to be authors but a real publisher would never touch their book with a 10 foot pole. So the author pays to have it published. My message today is be wary of self published books. I am sure there are some good ones but the vast majority of them are unreadable.

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Today I want to talk about a book called "Moods of Future Joys" by Alastair Humphreys. My favorite part of working at La Perla Bookstore is going through the boxes...

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Gerry´s Booktalk


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